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If you want to experience more joy and inner peace in your life, Harmony Spiritual Center’s doors are open to you.

If you want to be encouraged to shine your light and share the unique combination of gifts and talents that is you, Harmony Spiritual Center just might be what you’re looking for.

Spiritual Not Religious




The VISION of Harmony Spiritual Center is Peace, Harmony and Prosperity for all. Affirming that Spirit is our source, Harmony Spiritual Center provides a community for spiritual nourishment, fellowship, prayer and service.

The PRINCIPLES of Harmony Spiritual Center are Inclusiveness, Integrity, Humility, Compassion, Transparency and Generosity.

Harmony Spiritual Center is a true place of unconditional love and acceptance.

Its positive messages, music, energy, and fellowship provide spiritual support for all participants both on Sunday and throughout their week.


Rev. Dr. Pjae Stanley

Rev. Dr. Pamela “Pjae” Stanley is the Senior Minister of Harmony Spiritual Center of Fort Worth, the founder of the New Thought Ministerial Alliance of DFW, and an instructor in the Senior Program of Tarrant County Community College South. She teaches the spiritual practices of peace, connection, and personal discovery, encouraging the development of artistry and creativity. She is an officer on several boards and working committees for groups that serve those who serve. 


Rev. Stanley’s teaching focus is on the universality, availability of, and individualized access to God, Spirit, or whatever you call that which is greater than yourself. Encouraging clarity of thought and knowing self, she serves others in developing a personal understanding of the law of manifestation to co-create the life you love. 




Ours is a joyfully inclusive Center.

You and your loved ones are welcome here.

Come be an integral part of a Spiritually Enlightening, positive, practical, guilt-free home that is open to all.

From the message March 13

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