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When we find ourselves in the grip of anxiety, it’s crucial to understand that this state can hinder our own healing process. This tangible stress acts as a barrier, preventing us from relaxing enough to initiate the healing of our dilemma.  Moreover, our stress levels can cloud our understanding, making it difficult to fully absorb the value of what we are hearing. 

Healing is an inside job, period. This became clearer to me recently when someone I love questioned me about some techniques I gave her, one of which was to create light within her body. She told me she was “sending light” to herself by visualizing light coming from outside her from a Divine Source outside of oneself, which is always a good thing. What could be wrong with this prayer?  I had obviously not been clear enough in my description. 

Let me preface this with the understanding that at birth, the first breath of life is breathed into us, and that last breath departs when our body, our vehicle, no longer serves a purpose.  That is our connection with Divinity.   These techniques are simple because that is what I need for my own understanding.   I want to make it easy for myself and those I teach and make use of what is in our physical world. 


Imagine a stadium light, which is the brightest light I know in my world.   Imagine this light within the core of your being just being dormant. Place your fingers beside your ear and snap them, snapping that light switch, turning on that healing light that spreads throughout your body, filling every cell as it radiates further and further into every crevice of your body.   Feeling that God Love, that God Light is now going beyond your physical body, beyond your spiritual body, healing not only you but the planet.   Anytime you think of this exercise, you can snap your fingers beside your ear and hear that light switch turn on.  Now, you can affect your own healing process and, in so doing, become more proficient in serving as an ambassador of God. 

The spiritual ethics of healing are as follows:  A person can send healing light on behalf of others, but ultimately, the distressed individual, at a soul level, can choose to accept healing or not.   We, as healers, do not know the ‘soul contract’   of the individual.   It is not our business to see the outcome; it is our business to send love and caring.  Maybe all we can do is ease pain or let them know they are not alone; the effort is never wasted.  Giving individuals the tools they need may or may not do the job, but those tools help awareness expand and will never be lost.   Healing always occurs.

Rev. Pat Moore

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As individual souls, we have a tailor-made soul contract we agreed to before jumping into a body. We chose to be teachers of harsh lessons and students of harsh lessons. Both expressions bring joy and pain. Shit happens, and we handle it with as much grace as we can. There we are, unique expressions from the mind of God, dancing as fast as we can!

Could striving and learning to make proactive choices with conscious intent for the upliftment of all be our shared destiny? We can’t all be a geophysical scientist or a Jonas Salk or something that grand. We can, however, “Bloom where we are planted.”  We can use that holy moment between intent and action and choose to uplift. Maybe it is choosing to smile and send love to a stranger. It is perhaps stopping a bully.  


Every moment gives you a gift of choice. That is a commonality we all experience. Could that choice be the destiny we all share, and in that sacred moment, we have consciously contributed to the ascension of humanity? 

Rev. Pat Moore

There is a presence within us, a liaison of the physical body to help us connect with Spirit. As we acquaint ourselves with it, we realize its only job is to smooth out physical life.

Looking back at our personal history, we can see the visible positive and negative results. This presence takes its direction from what we think and what we speak. It is that invisible energy that we emit that magnetizes the visible results. We have about a person’s magnetism. We’ve read books about the ‘Law Of Attraction’. After negative occurrences in our lives, we are just DONE. We are done with the not-enoughness of our lives and begin to connect the dots! Ram Dass once said, “The only reason for suffering is to learn you don’t have to.”

I look back at myself in my early twenties. I already had two children and was expecting a third. For whatever reason, I was the person handling the budget in the marriage. What a mess. I was constantly in arrears and making mistakes. But looking back, I remember an incident when my husband’s niece, age 8, and nephew, age 6, were visiting. I made spaghetti for our family meal, and these kids asked for some. I remember saying, “No, I’m sorry, there is only a small amount and not enough to share.” Looking back, not only was that a shitty thing to say, but it was representative of living in fear and not-enoughness.  

These things are a part of Earth School. Most of you have had an experience like this where your saboteur, hearing your thoughts and words of fear, tried to protect you. And so, unknowingly, your invisible thoughts and words affected your visible world. 

Time and growth came to me through studying energy and the visible and invisible world. I became conscious of my thoughts and my words. Systematically, though slowly, I began to implement conscious change and alter and, more importantly, direct this energy to positive change. It may sound like an over-simplification of "Change your Mind, Change your Life." It does work. I look back at that fearful child trying to manage life and realize there was no ‘enemy’ out there for which I had no control. I, like POGO, had met the enemy, and it “was me.” The rules of the game of life were there, and when I found and implemented them, life became smoother, easier, and more beautiful. 

Rev. Pat Moore

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