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What Is Your Destiny?

As individual souls, we have a tailor-made soul contract we agreed to before jumping into a body. We chose to be teachers of harsh lessons and students of harsh lessons. Both expressions bring joy and pain. Shit happens, and we handle it with as much grace as we can. There we are, unique expressions from the mind of God, dancing as fast as we can!

Could striving and learning to make proactive choices with conscious intent for the upliftment of all be our shared destiny? We can’t all be a geophysical scientist or a Jonas Salk or something that grand. We can, however, “Bloom where we are planted.”  We can use that holy moment between intent and action and choose to uplift. Maybe it is choosing to smile and send love to a stranger. It is perhaps stopping a bully.  


Every moment gives you a gift of choice. That is a commonality we all experience. Could that choice be the destiny we all share, and in that sacred moment, we have consciously contributed to the ascension of humanity? 

Rev. Pat Moore

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