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There is a presence within us, a liaison of the physical body to help us connect with Spirit. As we acquaint ourselves with it, we realize its only job is to smooth out physical life.

Looking back at our personal history, we can see the visible positive and negative results. This presence takes its direction from what we think and what we speak. It is that invisible energy that we emit that magnetizes the visible results. We have about a person’s magnetism. We’ve read books about the ‘Law Of Attraction’. After negative occurrences in our lives, we are just DONE. We are done with the not-enoughness of our lives and begin to connect the dots! Ram Dass once said, “The only reason for suffering is to learn you don’t have to.”

I look back at myself in my early twenties. I already had two children and was expecting a third. For whatever reason, I was the person handling the budget in the marriage. What a mess. I was constantly in arrears and making mistakes. But looking back, I remember an incident when my husband’s niece, age 8, and nephew, age 6, were visiting. I made spaghetti for our family meal, and these kids asked for some. I remember saying, “No, I’m sorry, there is only a small amount and not enough to share.” Looking back, not only was that a shitty thing to say, but it was representative of living in fear and not-enoughness.  

These things are a part of Earth School. Most of you have had an experience like this where your saboteur, hearing your thoughts and words of fear, tried to protect you. And so, unknowingly, your invisible thoughts and words affected your visible world. 

Time and growth came to me through studying energy and the visible and invisible world. I became conscious of my thoughts and my words. Systematically, though slowly, I began to implement conscious change and alter and, more importantly, direct this energy to positive change. It may sound like an over-simplification of "Change your Mind, Change your Life." It does work. I look back at that fearful child trying to manage life and realize there was no ‘enemy’ out there for which I had no control. I, like POGO, had met the enemy, and it “was me.” The rules of the game of life were there, and when I found and implemented them, life became smoother, easier, and more beautiful. 

Rev. Pat Moore

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