Mass shootings, domestic terrorism, and hate crimes in the U.S. are on the rise. When violence, hate, separation, and paucity appear to be at the heart of our true moral fiber, is the time for good people, not to start but to continue, to be love, peace, compassion, and Truth. We don't need to hand wring and wonder in whose hands the fate of the nation lies. It lies where it always has, in the hands of the people. We, the people. All the people, not just some. Our foundation is based on the idea of action by the people. We get to take action, however great or small. We don't need to start something, we need to continue; to speak out, to stand with, to hold each other's hands, to say we believe now, as always, that everyone in this country has a right to be here. That is the moral fiber of this country. Good people continuing to do good, to be love, and to stand in Truth. Namaste.

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On the way to success there are many tiny steps and adjustments to be made, preparing your heart, mind, and body for what's next. So many little things, in fact, that sometimes we forget why we started. This is particularly true in relationships. Living and loving others can be exhausting. There are so many compromises and adjustments to be made we begin to wonder what's been lost along the way.

Here's what I know for sure, if the reason you got into the relationship in the first place is still there, is still valid for you, don't quit, don't give up. Because if it was truly worth it in the beginning, it remains worth it throughout the relationship. If it's not there or is no longer valid, well, that's a different story. Think about it. If the reason remains, don't quit. You're almost home. Namaste.

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The key to success is the willingness and ability to tolerate supposed failure. The Truth is, failure is an illusion. It is a word used by those who have never ventured out into the world, who've not tried to extend their reach beyond what they already know.

Success is an abstract concept in that no one, except the person reaching for it, knows what it looks like. Success to one person may be skiing down a mountain top, yet for another it is overcoming the fear of standing at the top of that same mountain. No one outside yourself knows what success looks like, so they don't get to call what you've attempted a failure. It is simply an attempt that shows what the next step will be. What we know for sure is success happens one forward step at a time. Only you get to decide how many steps you will take on your journey. Namaste.

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