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We are each individualized expressions of the God mind, therefore we communicate directly with the source of all things in the Universe.

When we focus on Truth, that there is only one Power and one Presence, and that power and presence is the source of all our good, we can release fear. Fear that something or someone else controls your life. They don't. The fear of not being worthy. You are. Within us lies the need to expand, to evolve, to explore, and to become. You become what you think about all day long. Think of yourself as great, then act upon those thoughts, and greatness is yours.

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If you are familiar with the work of Brene Brown, then you already know we as humans are hardwired for connection, meaning we need to be in relationship with one another. If you are not familiar, Google Brene, you'll be glad you did. We long to belong, to know we are loved, accepted, respected, and included by others. We know this intuitively but there's also been much research on the subject.

The reason it's so hard to do or have the relationships we need is because we're afraid of being hurt by others. A distinct possibility and a most certain reality. But fear is never a reason not to love and be loved, never. The results of loving and being loved are too great, too transcendent, to be stopped by fear. Take a chance, give your love away, forgive past hurts, and let yourself be free to fly into the arms of others. It's breathtaking.

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

You can do nothing about the past except forgive it, which is not a small thing but which is significant and necessary. Your future is weighted and dragged backwards by the events of an unforgiven past.

Once you have released the hold your past has on you, the future is bright. You can make any new decision you want to make because the law of the Universe is on your side. It always has been and it always will be. Without judging the positive or negativity of your desire, it simply complies with your dominant thinking. Thoughts of greatness and possibility are manifested as equally as thoughts of lack and inabilities. Think, then speak your best life into existence. Whatever you believe is true, is true for you. If that's the case, believe in your greatness. The Universe does and is waiting for you.

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