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"Your most powerful gift is no one can be you, so do you, always." - Pjae Stanley.

You are a unique expression of the One Spirit in all of us. No one can be you, that's your job. The work is for you to realize your gifts and talents and to use them in service to yourself and the world. Because your gifts are unique to you, whatever they are, they are often discounted by you and others as an anomaly, a peculiarity, something strange.

One way to uncover a gift is to think about what it is people always come to you for. Perhaps they ask your opinion about design, or your tech savy, or your way with words, or are always asking you to make that tasty dish of yours for a potluck. Whatever it is that you do easily and well is probably a gift that others can't do nearly as well. If you start with recognizing one of your gifts, you'll begin to see the true value you, and only you, bring to the world. The world is waiting for you. Namaste.

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