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We seem to be living in scary times

Mass shootings, domestic terrorism, and hate crimes in the U.S. are on the rise. When violence, hate, separation, and paucity appear to be at the heart of our true moral fiber, is the time for good people, not to start but to continue, to be love, peace, compassion, and Truth. We don't need to hand wring and wonder in whose hands the fate of the nation lies. It lies where it always has, in the hands of the people. We, the people. All the people, not just some. Our foundation is based on the idea of action by the people. We get to take action, however great or small. We don't need to start something, we need to continue; to speak out, to stand with, to hold each other's hands, to say we believe now, as always, that everyone in this country has a right to be here. That is the moral fiber of this country. Good people continuing to do good, to be love, and to stand in Truth. Namaste.

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